Fletcher J. Clarcq

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  • Phoenix, AZ
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Fletcher recognizes the important role he can play in reducing our carbon footprint. "Mechanical HVAC systems are one of the largest users of energy in buildings today," he offers. "Marrying the proper mechanical systems with a building, coupled with energy-efficient mechanical designs, is a big driver in reducing building energy consumption." He points to equipment like chilled beams and systems that decouple latent and sensible loads as examples of smart, sustainable design solutions. Fletcher admires progressive thinkers like Albert Einstein, able to "imagine the unimaginable, while being very practical with his thinking and reasoning." Close to home in the Phoenix area, Fletcher clears his head by watching movies, hiking or enjoying time in the pool with his kids; farther afield, he’s drawn to places like New Zealand. "I would immerse myself in the rich wilderness and wildlife," he says, "a reminder that there are so many beautiful and less-invasive things that have been here longer the we have."