Steven Spaid

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  • San Francisco, CA
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In an era when so many businesses make intangible things, "Architects make real things that you can experience physically with all your senses," Steve notes proudly. "It gives me chills when friends or family say, ‘I drove/walked past (example) project today. I can’t believe you were a part of that!’" Steve has been a part of several large healthcare projects, including serving as project manager for Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center Mission Bernal Campus. It’s what he dreamed of when he made the move from Texas to California after earning his architecture degree at Texas A&M. "I was looking for a change, and I knew that if I could successfully master the challenging, complex projects in California, I could handle anything," he recalls. These days, Steve enjoys helping his six-year-old daughter master new skills. "Teaching her all the sports, activities and songs I’ve ever loved allows me to the relive them all over again," he says.