Workplace of the Future

Changing work, changing workplace.

One of the biggest drivers of the future of work is technology. Rapid advances have changed the nature or work, allowing them to be productive working anywhere, anytime, without the being tethered to a physical office. Instead, the "office" is morphing from "the" place where work got done into a destination for collaboration, communication and camaraderie-all vital aspects to an organization's culture.

With profiles of new "Workplace of the Future" offices designed for the Burgess Group, United Way for Southeastern Michigan and its own location in Washington, DC, SmithGroup explains that the future of the office is open and team-based, giving a new balance between "I" spaces and "We" spaces. Importantly, organizations that adopt these strategies are finding the office is fundamental to their future, leading to increased employee satisfaction, reduced real estate costs, and often a competitive advantage in recruiting talent.

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