Susan Pommerer

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Susan advocates not only for the preservation of historic sites and buildings, but also their rehabilitation. “I believe that historic spaces must be occupied to remain relevant,” she suggests. “We have to find the balance between preserving and allowing for reuse and adaptation to meet current needs.” Often, she says, the resulting design solution “tells a complex story with many layers—much more compelling and sustainable than simply replacing the old with the new.” An era that really resonates with Susan is the early 20th century. “New technologies and innovations were being explored in the 1920s and ‘30s, but there was also a sense of tradition and history,” she remarks. Susan’s carrying that mantle in her own family, currently sifting through and organizing generations of family photos and genealogy records. She’s also the caretaker of a family treasure: her grandfather’s stamp collection, which, Susan proudly notes, includes “one of the first stamps ever issued in the United States.”