Laura Herbert

  • Laura Herbert Headshot Architecture
  • Laura Herbert Boston Architect

Designing projects across multiple practices, Laura says she’s drawn to “finding creative solutions to a client’s distinct problem.” “I enjoy the technical challenges and exploration of cutting-edge technologies but, at the same time,” she adds, “my passion is human-centered design: creating spaces that promote wellbeing, encourage new ways of working, and have a positive impact on everyone who interacts with them. The human experience is constantly evolving, so designing spaces for people should never be stagnant.” On a personal level, Laura has an affinity for mid-century modern architecture. She is slowly undoing 1980s renovations to her own mid-century modern home, and even repurposed the 1950s front door from her grandmother’s former house. Better yet, a lake is right out Laura’s back door, enabling her to waterski whenever she wants. “I love the personal challenge of waterskiing and trying to constantly improve, to go fast but with finesse, and to feel the power of the pull,” she explains. “It’s where I find my moment of bliss.